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Kayla Nunes

Center Back/Defensive Mid • 3.70 GPA • Class of 2021

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Curro Aurora Independent School
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Johannesburg, South Africa
December 20, 2002
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It has been my dream for as long as I can remember to play soccer overseas. And what better place to do that than America. By going to the States I get to play soccer and study, while getting the best of both worlds. America has the best university soccer and it has the best female soccer in the world. America has such an amazing soccer system, from school soccer all the way to professional soccer and I'd love to be apart of it.


Jvw FC
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121 LBS
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In 2017 and 2018 I trained at Supersport United Soccer Schools on the days I wasn't training at club. In 2019 and 2020 I trained and Advanced Sports Performance (ASP) on the days I wasn't training club. During March 2020 all sports ceased while SA went into serious lockdown. During August SuperSport started training again and I rejoined. During lockdown I followed a stringent ASP training programme and trained a minimum of 4 times a week.

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  • Mr FDM Kotze, Head of High School, Curro Aurora


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    It is my great honour to share Kayla’s achievements at Curro Aurora High School with you. Kayla is an exceptional young lady whose school career is marked with excellence, especially on the soccer field. Kayla’s list of achievments bear testament to her work ethics, diligence, leadership, involvement and academic prowess. Kayla’s commitment to success has led her to be one of our top sport achievers from grade 8 to 11. We are exceptionally proud of Kayla, not only in terms of her achievements, but also as a dynamic young lady who always strives to be the best version of herself. Further to this, Kayla’s keen sense of humour, work ethics and diligence makes her an absolute pleasure to teach. I have no doubt that this young lady will make a success of whatever she puts her mind to. I recommend her to you absolutely, and without reservation.
  • Ms Janine Van Wyk, JVW FC Founder


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    To Whom It May Concern: I would like to take this opportunity to highly recommend Kayla Nunes to be a part of your Football / Soccer program. Kayla has been part of the JVW Girls Football club since 2017 and was always seen as one of the hard working players at the club. I first noticed Kayla’s attributes when she was part of the Randburg Ladies Football Club where I was invited to share my expertise with a young group of girls. I could immediately pick up that she was a step ahead of her fellow teammates. Kayla made her move to the JVW Girls Football program not so long after that, as we both felt that the move would benefit her tremendously as a player. Kayla is an extremely passionate and hard-working player. She is dedicated to the sport and commits herself to whatever task is expected of her. Kayla’s position on the field is a central defender. Many people might think that she is way too short for this role, but it suits her well because of her ability to read the game and break down any dangerous attacks made by the opponent, which oversees her height. Kayla is definitely a pleasure to work with and is always willing to give her best, whether it is at training or in games, but one player who is always willing to learn and improve on anything that she feels she lacks. Please see below what I feel Kayla’s strengths and weaknesses are as a player. STRENGTHS 1. Good technical skills (First Touch) 2. Good distributor (Passer) 3. Composed under pressure 4. Hard working 5. Open to learning (coachable) 6. Team Player 7. Good Communicator when comfortable WEAKNESSES 1. Left foot needs attention but is still usable 2. Reaction Speed can be improved 3. Tactical awareness can improve 4. Heading the ball can improve PLAYER ACHIEVEMENTS 2017 – JVW Player of the month 2018 – JVW Dana Cup Team Selection 2018 – JVW Defender of the year 2019 – JVW Dana Cup Team Selection It is without a doubt that Kayla Nunes would be a great asset to your program. She is always open to learn and grow as a footballer. I trust that if she concentrates on her strengths and work hard to improve on her weaknesses, she would be a player you wouldn’t want to leave out of your squad. Kayla is the kind of player that will set her mind to whatever it takes for her to be the best she can be to herself and the team she represents. If you have any questions regarding this player, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.
  • Ms Angelique Martins Ferreira


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    I have known Kayla Nunes for a few years now, I was her football coach at JVW FC for 2017 and 2018. During this time she was a consistent starting 11 player, and was selected to be part of our squad that travelled to the Dana Cup in 2018 which was also the year that we awarded her with the Best Defender of the Year for 2018. Since having coached her, we still keep in contact and I still watch her football games. She has a good attitude with an excellent work ethic. She is very dedicated and committed to becoming a better player and puts in extra effort off the field whether it be extra football training or fitness and conditioning, she understands that extra effort is required to excel, which has become very evident in her consistent performances at training and matches. Our Dana Cup tour revealed many distinctive traits for Kayla. That she has the will to win, a hunger to succeed, a fighting spirit to never quit and to give everything she has for her teammates not only on the field but off the field too. Kayla always wants to learn which makes her very coachable, and a pleasure for any coach to work with. I have seen tremendous growth from her as a footballer and person over the years. I believe Kayla would be an asset to any team. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.
  • Dayle Bornman (Family, Aunt)


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    To whom it may concern: I have been privileged to know Kayla Nunes for almost 18 years, and it has truly been an honour to watch her grow and develop into the wonderful young lady she has become. Kayla, has been gifted with both intelligence and natural talent coupled with her incredible work ethics. Kayla is a hard worker and has applied herself to everything she undertakes whether it be schoolwork or sporting activities. She is a dedicated team player and this is apparent in her soccer career success, where she is able to easily interact with other members of the squad, yet is also very capable of working independently, while still being very self-motivated and a self-driven person. This has become even more apparent during the recent country wide lockdown, Kayla exercised daily and her school marks although always excellent have improved even more whereas many others have struggled with their academics this year as a result of the difficulty in adjusting to online learning and the many other effects that the lockdown has caused for students. This is because of her maturity and dedication to everything she undertakes. Kayla is a structured and disciplined person, but at the same time is able to deal with any challenge that is thrown her way and is able to quickly and efficiently adjust to her circumstances. Kayla has the strength to lead people, as she leads with maturity and empathy, a quality which is rare, however she is also respectful and enjoys to take guidance from those who have the knowledge and skills she needs to improve and is always looking to better herself and learn from any mistakes she might make. I believe that any facility that Kayla applies to would benefit from her attending there and that she an extremely successful future ahead of her. Kind regards Dayle Bornman 082 516 8133

    Year Achieved: 2020

    Accolade Description
    Accredited Level 1 SAFA Referee CLUB SOCCER - JVW Football Club (ELFA Summer League Winners) SCHOOL - selected as 2020/2021 Prefect, Half Colours for Softball

    Year Achieved: 2019

    Accolade Description
    SCHOOL - First Team Scrolls for Soccer and Softball, Full Colours for Soccer, Senior Female Soccer Player, First Team Soccer Captain CLUB - JVW Football Club - ELFA Winter League Cup Winners, 2019 Dana Cup Team GAUTENG FUTURE CHAMPS - Selected for Ekhuruleni Team

    Year Achieved: 2018

    Accolade Description
    CLUB SOCCER - JVW Football Club - Defender of the Year, 2018 Dana Cup Team SCHOOL - U19 Softball team winners of Joburg Area, First Team Captain for Soccer, JVW Schools League (soccer) selected for Friendship Cup Team, Junior Achievement in Soccer.

    Year Achieved: 2017

    Accolade Description
    SCHOOL - Junior Softball Player of the Year, Junior Soccer Player of the Year, Junior Achievement in Soccer, First Team Soccer Sunrise Tour, Softball - U15 Winners of Joburg Area. CLUB - JvW Football Club - Player of the Month (May 2017).

    Year Achieved: 2016

    Accolade Description
    SCHOOL - Softball - Participation in Inter-Regional Schools Tournament, Junior Girls Soccer Player of the Year (High School award received in Primary School), Half Colours for Soccer (participated in boys league), Half Colours for Softball and Best Softball Player for 2016 CLUB SOCCER - Randburg Football Club - Junior Girls Captain, Ladies Team 2016 Cup Winners, Player's Player of the Year award.

    Year Achieved: 2021

    Accolade Description
    SCHOOL - Represented the school soccer first team, First team soccer captain CLUB SOCCER - 2nd place at the Engen Cup tournament


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Alexia Cassar
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Melanie Nunes
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Victor Nunes
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