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Kevin Costigan

Short stop • 1.80 GPA • Class of 2020


Kevin Costigan
Cape Town
South Africa
Personal Statement
Hello Coaches and others interested in my profile. I am a 19 year old South African boy who fell in love with baseball at a very young age. When I am not on the baseball field a big portion of my time is spent outdoors mainly on a motorbike, fishing, spending time at the beach or hiking as well as spending quality time with my family and friends. Baseball has become more than just a sport for me, it has became a life style. This is the main reason that I am trying to further my studies and baseball career in the States, this leaves me looking for a collage that has a great academic and baseball system that will help me develop into an academic and sport driven student. At this specific point in time I do not have set goals as the future is quite uncertain but i could say my full intentions are to become a far better player and student than I currently am as well as to become a standout student all round in any college.