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Jaimè Lang

Catcher • 2.50 GPA • Class of 2020


Jaime Lang
South Africa
Personal Statement
INTERVIEW Why do you want to study in the USA? I would like to achieve or get a Degree in Economics, with also having the opportunity to play good baseball where I can become a better athlete and also God willing earn a living for playing the sport I love Who is your role model? My role model is my Father. He shows good determination as a father and sportsmen to me as his son, where I learn and take from what he does in his everyday life to use in mine, and I feel that he has guided me to become very mature in that manner in all aspects of my life, and for that reason, he would be my go-to person for the rest of my life Who is your favourite all-time baseball player? Salvador Perez as he is my all-time Catcher Idol. What do you want to study and why? Economics, as I love the theory that goes with the work that is done, as well as it keeps me up to date and aware of where the country is at the moment and where it could be in all aspects of the infrastructure within the country. The greatest venue you have played in and why? Gijang-Hyundai Dream Park in South Korea at the 2019 WBSC u18 World Cup. It was my first real experience of what it feels like to play on a professional Baseball field with a full-on homerun boundary against 18-year-olds from the rest of the World. It was an awesome experience and I could measure my ability against the best 18-year-olds in the World.