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Amy Van Rooyen

Centre Link/Centre Forward • 3.30 GPA • Class of 2022

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St Marys DSG, Kloof, South Africa
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September 5, 2004
Personal Statement

I pride myself on being the hardest working person both on and off the field. Whether it is in the classroom or on the Astro, I am always determined and motivated to improve myself to ensure that I am the best. I am striving towards playing in the NCAA Division 1 Field Hockey League while maintaining a high standard of Academic Achievement in my chosen field of study. I am aiming to make a National side that will compete in the Olympics. I want to achieve the FIH Player of the Year Award by playing in top tournaments such as the Hockey World Cup.


St Marys DSG
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Dominant Hand
123 LBS
Additional Training

Apart from my school hockey trainings and matches, I try to extend myself beyond the Astro with my strength, endurance, agility and mobility. I do a minimum of three swimming sessions a week at my Club, as well as participating in school swimming, where I attend regular Galas. I also do Water polo training with my school with going to a few tournaments. With regards to my Hockey, I train outside of school hours a minimum of four times a week with my Private Coaches. I also train in my Kearsney Hockey Club Team during Term 2 and Term 3, where I participate in the Outdoor League. During Term 1 and Term 4, I do Club Indoor trainings where we also play in a Club League. I attend Gym sessions 2-3 times a week in the Morning before school at Prime, Durban. I also do at least one running session per week with my Running Coach, which consists of Sprint Training or Middle - Distance Training.

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JJ van Rooyen
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(083) 780-0281
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Pam van Rooyen
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(082) 326-0790