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Andile Fihla

Point Guard/Combo Guard • 3.37 GPA • Class of 2022

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St. Davids Marist Inanda
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Johannesburg, South Africa
August 27, 2003
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My name is Andile Akeru Fihla, I am 17 years old and a junior in high school at St Davids Marist Inanda in South Africa. I have been the starting point guard for the 1st team since grade 10 and have led my team in scoring every season. I am a sharpshooting playmaker that can play the 1 and 2 guard interchangeably. Last season I average 15 points, 6 assists and 3 rebounds per game and won MVP of the season. I started playing basketball in 8th grade but have played soccer, rugby, cricket and swimming since the 1st grade. Since then I have continued falling in love with the sport and chose to strictly focus on my basketball development. I currently also play for the University of Johannesburg u19 and 2nd open teams. I would like to study in America as the colleges they have to offer have prestigious academic programs that will give me exposure to a wide range of subjects. I would also like the opportunity to further my basketball career and continue developing my skills in my passion. Institutions in the US provide high competition for me to prove my talents but most importantly grow as an athlete and individual. If I am given the opportunity to study there I would pursue business studies, specifically entrepreneurship as the USA is the centre of global business and has a lot to offer.


University Of Johannesburg
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165 LBS
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  • Thuso Moiloa


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    I’m writing this letter of recommendation on behalf of Andile. I have had the privilege of working with Andile for the past 6 months as his basketball coach, but have been monitoring him for 3 years. He has had to compete and earn everything that has been given to him. As a player on the basketball court, Andile is a hard worker, a leader, composed, dedicated, enthusiastic and loyal to the game. He will surely mature to be a great player in the near future. Andile had his first opportunity to play varsity basketball as a senior this year 2020. Andile had matured and understood the game better than some of his seniors. It became clear to me however, that Andile’s talents in basketball would be better used as a starting shooting guard, it seems far-fetched that a grade 11 pupil would start for a D2 University Team, when he first arrived to start practice as a point guard I realized he had an awkward shot but the ball kept going to the right place, so I put him on a shooting program with the shooters. He emerged out that program on top with the most consistent shot. He is a quick learn and he always wants to know how to do things the right way. I would term Andile Fihla as a superstar needing the right support and nurture. He has come a long way from the quiet and unassuming child I met in 2018. Now, in 2020, Andile is without a doubt, one of the most popular and charismatic players that I have had an opportunity to coach. He has matured into an incredible young man that has nothing but a bright future ahead of him. Andile has been recruited to be part of the following programs at the University of Johannesburg.1.University of Johannesburg Orange Basketball Team .2.University of Johannesburg Junior Basketball Team (U19)3.University of Johannesburg Development Program. Since he joined our team he has access to a whole new of training and he has never missed a practice that I did not know the reason. He is punctual he makes me look bad as I always find him at the hall. Please accept this letter of recommendation as my personal views of Andile as a player and as a person.His commitment to his family, to his team, and to his friends is unwavering.It is an honour to be associated with Andile and he makes me a better coach because I get to see a youngster understanding a level far ahead of him like he has been there before,he is something special indeed.
  • Elvis Ukpong


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    I am writing in reference to my association with Andile Fihlain the hope that my assessment of him will prompt you to give him the strongest of consideration regarding any matter that will assist in the continuation of his academic studies.I am currently head coach of the Tip-Off Sports Vikings Basketball Cluband head of Basketball at St David’s Marist Inanda(a private school in Johannesburg). As his coach, Andilehas been a joy to work with. In addition to his outstanding talent as a basketball player, I have found Andileto be determined, hardworking as well as open and receptive to any instruction or teaching that we gave him. From my observations, Andileis respectful, courteous, engaging and highly thought of by all that interact with him. In Andile, I see a young boy poised to utilize his considerable attributes to make a positive impact in this world. As a junior, Andile was our leading scorer in the 2019League season with the St David’s varsity teamwhere he contributed positively to the success of the team. He isalso a member of our clubtravel team that competed in the Winter Leaguesand have toured Capetown and WashingtonDC. I wish therewere more young boys in this world like Andile Fihla.Thank you for your time.Kind regards,

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